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Here in this article, we have tried to give the necessary information regarding access to the TorrentKing Proxy. Many torrent sites are no longer working in the world. This trend has encouraged a new wind of torrent mirror sites. It is quite satisfying for those who are in love with torrent sites. This article is written with those torrent passionates in mind. Thus, it is possible to access these popular sites without any inconvenience but once you have got access there is nothing to worry about getting the VPN and related stuff. 

The increasing ban on torrent sites has prevented fun lovers from downloading and enjoying their favorite movies, TV shows, software, and games when they need. The torrent sides come with the content that has copyright and is free. TorrentKing is a similar site that works under specialized ISPs. Thus, if you are using the TorrentKing proxy it is not less than a threat. 

TorrentKing site is a  fully loaded collection of verified torrents that can be used to get the movies and TV shows. Although it is available in many parts of the world, there are still countries that do not permit access to These countries include Australia, the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and India. If you are living in these countries you can use TorrentKing mirror sites to access your favorite.

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What Is TorrentKing?

TorrentKing is an amazing search engine to find out more torrents from all over the world. It makes it possible to sort out more files with the help of DHT and other relevant movies. It makes it possible to look for over 500k movies that can be downloaded. If you prefer online streaming you can search through 70000 movies.

If you have been a torrent lover for years then you can enjoy Premium movies, and TV Series without paying anything.  All these media is available in HD quality. It is hard to access the torrent site due to certain restrictions and geographical limitations. 

Unblocking TorrentKing

There are different modes of unblocking TorrentKing if it is blocked in your region by the ISP. Here are a few ways that you can use to unblock this torrent. 

TOR Browser is a private network that permits to connect the PC’s so that it is possible to browse the internet by shielding your identity. If you are using the TOR it is possible to unblock the websites that are not permitted in your region. All you have to do is simply add the URL in the browser address bar and click on Enter.

Web Proxy is another alternative to reach out for the blocked site. The third-party proxy is a great choice that would let you enjoy the restricted torrent. Sometimes it has harmful scripts too that can ruin the system. If you are using a Web Proxy you can mask your identity. It works like a VPN and it is available in both free and paid versions. 

VPN is the most used way of secure browsing torrent sites. It helps in unblocking the blocked sites and also provides secure browsing. There are several VPN providers there that can be used online. The user can choose the VPN according to your personal needs and requirements. The free VPNs offer limited services but it is reliable. 

If you get a reputable VPN service provider then you may download the software easily. All you have to do is to select the country of your choice so that you can load the IP address of the same country. 

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Unblocking With Proxy Sites 

The best way to get access to TorrentKing is to use proxy sites or mirrors. Some popular proxy and mirror sites are as follows: 

  6. US Proxy
  7. UK Proxy

TorrentKing Alternatives is a popular mirror site that is known for extensive torrent downloading and uploading services. You can easily download torrents and Meta links. It is possible to manage this task with the help of a torrent client and download manager. No matter which language you speak this alternate provides assistance in 40 different languages. If the service is blocked in your region then you can use Kickass mirror lists.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a popular torrent site that works as a great TorrentKing alternative. It has a great collection of entertainment, games, software, apps, and other types of digital content. It helps to share the files via BitTorrent protocol. Ever since its evolution in 2003, it has proved its worth as a strong platform. There are restrictions on this alternative in many regions but still, you can use it with a VPN. 


TorrentRover is a free of cost service to let the users find and then download the required torrent files. The entire process is simple and swift. It works well with the Windows desktop application. The interface is even user-friendly and comfortable to handle. 


IsoHunt is an online torrent provider that is known for the authentic peer-to-peer torrent system. It has a wide collection of torrent files under the genres of music, videos, movies, books, software, programs, and apps.

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Final Words 

We have added some best choices for Torrentking. With every passing day, things are becoming easier for those looking for the best alternatives. Once you find the right choice you can get the best torrents to quench for the desire of the best. 


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