Torrentdownloads Proxy Top List 2021

TorrentDownloads is a highly appreciated and much-loved torrent site. It offers amazing torrents in different categories. Any torrent lover can download the movies using this torrent site. If you are a part of the Torrent download community then you can access a wide range of options including Movies, TV Shows, Web Series, Software, Video Games, and EBooks.

TorrentDownload has all verified torrents. Thus, there is little to worry about the credibility of the torrents. You can safely download them without thinking much about viruses or other malware. Thus, you can use the torrent confidently fearing nothing. If you want to stay updated about the TorrentDownloads it is recommended to use Google+ Handle. This is the platform where they post all kinds of updates there.

Proxies And Mirrors Of TorrentDownloads

In many parts of the world, the Internet Piracy Laws are followed very strictly therefore the TorrentDownloads are banned there. The site is completely blocked. If your country is not permitting you to use TorrentsDownloads then it is most likely due to the issues in accessing the torrent websites. 

This ban is not a problem and there are several ways to settle the issue. Using these alternatives it is possible to take care of the blocking caused by Internet Service Provider (ISP), or the Government. 

The best alternative in this regard is the TorrentDownloads Proxy/mirror sites. You can use them without any complexity as they are the best choice to unblock/unban them. To help our readers with the problem of blocked sites we have the top proxies. 

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The Torrentdownloads Proxies For Your Help

Here are some of the proxies that may help you in using the Torrentloads without any inconvenience. If you are not able to get the services or the site is blocked in your region then they can definitely help you out. 

  • TorrentDownloads.Me offers a large collection of torrents. There are several categories and niches to explore. If you are a keen torrenteer you can enjoy 
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Web Series
  • Music
  • EBooks/ Books

It is for this wide range of options that it has become the best torrent site. It is more like a torrent index website that includes the largest database too. You can get 16 million torrents in the latest version. 

  1. TorrentDownloads.Unblocked.Gold is for those who are looking for something great. It has the following features that make it worth considering 
  • Several seeders available
  • Comes with safe and healthy torrents
  • Includes several repositories
  • Updated content 
  • Regular removal of bugs and viruses
  • Efficient searching of torrents 
  • Has a downloading speed of 2.1 Mb/s
  • Includes content like TV Shows, Movies, Web Series, Music, EBooks, Games, and software. 

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  1. TorrentDownloads.Unblock All. Xyz is the best website to reach for content including Movies, TV Shows, Videos, and software. These torrents are acquired from third-party sources. It is easy to search for the appropriate material as it is placed on the front page. This makes it the best choice to look for your favorite torrent download. One more distinct feature is the fact that the creators keep updating the search engine so you would not miss any particular option. 
  2. TorrentDownloads.Immunity.Gold is another popular TorrentDownloads proxy/mirror site. Although all the rest of the functions are similar to the other proxies, what makes it a really unique proxy site is the unique interface. Searching the torrent is not tedious as well. It is a hassle-free task in which you have to type the title and then click to search for the said. Once you get the search results all you have to do is click on the respective option and let it download. The options can be further filtered using relevance, date of release, etc.

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  1. TorrentDownloads.Immunicity.Cab is a new entrant but it has become popular in a very short span of time. What parents like the most are that it has a unique feature of filtering the adult data from the rest. The effectiveness, efficiency, and ease together helped it make a mark in the world of torrents quite easily. 


If you have been using the TorrentDownloads, then you must be aware of the challenges associated with it. One problem that most of the users face is related to the fact that it is blocked in several parts of the world. If you are torrents looking forward to enjoying the TorrentDownloads then it is important to find a proxy or mirror site for effective usage. 

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