How To Fix Modern Warfare Unable To Access Online Services

If you enjoy the first-person shooter games then Call of Duty must be on the top of the list of the favorites. With the growing popularity, more updates have been added to the game and this has helped the game go to the heights of fame and fun. Call of duty warzone is another addition to the game that focuses on the battle royale. People who love these battling games have associated high expectations with the game. The game at times gives problems as it is heavy on the server. Hence, several users cannot access the game easily. In this article, we have managed to create a guide that can assist you in finding the way out to access the game properly. 

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Why Am I Not Able To Access The Online Services?

Most of the users consider this problem owing to the network. It occurs due to the server and sometimes due to the client system issues. In case the problem is arising due to a malfunctioning server, therefore, there is little you can do. There are certain causes that can be corrected to fix the problem of inaccessible modern warfare. Here is the list of the common problems that may bother you with normal gameplay.

  • Unstable or Slow Internet
  • DNS issues
  • Temporary Server Issue

Other COD Errors 

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How To Fix Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Unable To Access Online Services

Fundamental Troubleshooting 

These troubleshooting points need to be understood before dwelling on complex solutions. These are minor tips and tricks but these can make a huge difference. 

  • After you see the message on the screen just opt for re-running the game. Close the game and the blizzard launcher. After waiting for a few minutes try reconnecting to the network.
  • As the error appears just close the game. Try resolving the problem by simply closing the game and then reconnecting the game after waiting for a few minutes. 
  • If in the background several applications are running they may conflict with game services. Restart the system to fix the problem.
  • The router can give you a hard time as well. Restart the router to see if the problem no longer exists. 

Change The Location 

  • Click on the Blizzard Launcher.
  • Check the Blizzard Battle Net menu.
  • Click to choose Call of Duty: MW
  • A small Globe Icon will appear on the bottom.
  • Choose out of the three regions being AMERICA, EUROPE, or ASIA.
  • Choose a region other than your own region. 
  • Run the game again to check if things have gone right. 

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Altering The DNS Server 

The problem with COD servers is not just specific to the PC but the players on the Playstation also face the same problem. 

Solution for PlayStation users 

  • If you are playing the game on PlayStation then to fix the problem first go to Settings. 
  • Hereunder Settings check Network settings and then View Connection Status.
  • Add your IP Address, Subnet Mask, and the Default Gateway.
  • Under the Network setting then go to Set Up Internet Connection.
  • Set up the connection after choosing your connection. 
  • Select Custom, and then under the IP Address Settings options go to Manual.
  • Once again add IP Address, Subnet Mask, and the Default Gateway.
  • Under the DNS you will find three different IPs. You may choose any of the three that work. 

      Google: Primary DNS:, Secondary DNS:

      Cloudflare: Primary DNS:, Secondary DNS:

    OpenDNS: Primary DNS:, Secondary DNS:

  • Click Next. if you want to opt for the MTU setting use the option Automatic and under Proxy Server choose Not to Use
  • To see if the problem is fixed click on Test Internet Connection. 

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Solution For PC 

  • In the Control Panel go to Network and Internet > Network Connection.
  • Choose your network connection.
  • Go to Properties by right-clicking the connection.
  • Check IPv4. Scroll down and then press the Properties button
  • Go to Use the following DNS server addresses section
  • Like the PlayStation, you can choose from three different IP’s 

     Google: Primary DNS:, Secondary DNS:

   Cloudflare: Primary DNS:, Secondary DNS:

    OpenDNS: Primary DNS:, Secondary DNS:

  • Save the changes and then restart the system. 

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This is a comprehensive guide to handle the problem regarding access problems. The fixes are there to make sure that you can comfortably run the system on your device. If the problem still continues you may contact us. 

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