Fix FFxiv Unable To Complete Version Check

MMO-RPG games are known for their adventure, thrill, and skill. It is equally loved by gamers of all sorts regardless of which console they are using. Among the top-ranking games under this genre, FFXIV is the game that has won several hearts. The world of RPG games is extensive and they are likely to rule the world of games for a long time. It is for this reason that the updates are added to the game regularly. 

Despite its popularity, the FFXIV is causing certain problems for gamers. The most mentioned problem is regarding the launching of the game. The users may see a black screen when the user tries to launch the game. In addition to the black screen, an error message also appears on the screen saying that the ffxiv is unable to complete the version check. If the gamers are constantly viewing this message then they want to find the right solution to it. This article is the appropriate solution to all your problems. It is a comprehensive troubleshooting guide that would highlight the reasons and the methods of fixing the error. 

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What Causes FFXIV Unable To Complete Version Check Error

There are several distinct reasons behind the failure of FFXIV to check the version. Once you update the error the problem persists. The most common problems behind this error include active windows firewall, slow network connection, pending update. The common causes of this error include 

  • Active windows firewall
  • Slow network connection
  • Pending update
  • Boot Configuration File
  • Game cache

Similar Types Of FFXIV Unable To Complete Version Check Error

  • 30605
  • (30410)(30607)(20457)(404)
  • 2020
  • FFXIV unable to complete version update 30419
  • (30605 20446)(404)
  • PS3
  • FFXIV unable to complete version update 30437
  • 30426
  • FFXIV file access failed during version check
  • (30410)(30607) (20459) (10009) (10019)

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How To Fix FFXIV Unable To Complete Version Check Error

Here are the best fixes for the existing problems: 

1.Check The Status Of The Server 

FFXIV is a popular MMO_RPG game. If the server is not working properly there are possible chances that the user will witness the problem regarding FFXIV Unable To Complete Version Check 30605 504 error. Thus to make sure that the error no longer exists check if the server is live or not.

2.Checking The Network 

  • Disconnect the device and the network.
  • Restart the router.
  • Connect the device to the network again. 
  • Launch FFXIV again and see if the problem persists. 

3.Check The Integrity of The Game Cache 

  • Locate the FFXIV in the Steam Library.
  • Right-click on the game and open the Properties. 
  • Go to the Local files tab. 
  • Click on Verify Integrity of Game Cache.
  • Try playing the game. 

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4.Editing The Ffxiv_Boot.Cfg

  • In the Start Menu click on My Computer.
  • Go to C: > User > Documents > My Games > FINAL FANTASY XIV – A Realm Reborn
  • Locate  FFXIV_BOOT file
  • Right-click on ffxiv_boot.cfg and choose to Open with Notepad.
  • After the file opens, locate BootVersionCheckMode.
  • Change the value from 0 to 1.
  • Repeat the process again for B4EulaAgreement and alter its value to 1.
  • Save and apply the changes before trying to relaunch the game. 

5.Disabling The Firewall

  • Open the Run Window using Windows+R.
  • Search for the Control Panel. 
  • In the control panel go to System and Security settings
  • Click on the Windows Firewall in the top right.
  • Turn the Windows Firewall Off or On by left-clicking. 
  • You will see a Window asking for customized settings. 
  • Turn off the Windows Firewall for all the network settings i.e. Private and Public network settings 
  • Save the changes and restart the game. 

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