How To Cancel EA Access Easily In2021

If you are a console gamer then you would love to get the all-inclusive subscription from Electronic Arts in the form of EA Access. All you need to do is pay $4.99 ats a monthly fee after which it becomes possible to access a wide library of popular titles. With EA Access it becomes possible to enjoy a wide range of collections for Xbox One and PS4 gamers. If you want to cancel the access and you want to know how it may happen then this article is for you. We have included all the points that you need to follow to cancel the EA access. 

You can enjoy EA access for merely two consoles being Xbox and Playstation. If you want to unsubscribe using EA access for these two platforms then the process is not tedious. All you need to do is check the account settings on the web. Proceeding this you need to disable the auto-renewal option. Thus, it becomes more convenient to cancel the EA Access in the case of Playstation. 

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How To Cancel The EA Access

1.Canceling on Xbox One

In the case of Xbox, Microsoft does not offer a direct mode of cancellation for the Xbox One. if you have acquired the access and now want to cancel it then you need to check the account settings on the official Microsoft Website. Once you go to the Settings you can cancel the EA Access and the active subscriptions associated with the same. The access expires after the current paid period expires. 

  • Log in to the official Microsoft account that you are using for Xbox One. 
  • Go to the services section.
  • Visit the EA Access subsection. 
  • Click to Manage.
  • You can now choose to turn off the auto-renew.
  • Click to confirm the cancellation.

After you’ve canceled the EA Access you cannot make use of the subscriptions. If you want to get the EA Access back you can do it by reinstating the services on the console using the “EA Access Hub” Xbox One app. You can also repurchase the services to get access to all the games that are available in the Vault. Repurchasing also permits using other subscriptions associated with the services too.

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2.Canceling On PlayStation 4

Contrary to the Xbox, Playstation gives the choice of canceling the EA Access on PS4 Playstation. The auto-renewal is switched on by default. there is nothing to worry about about the cancellation of EA Access in the case of PlayStation 4. You will not be charged additional charges against your credit card while canceling. 

  • Go to Settings from the PS4 dashboard. 
  • Go to Account Management.
  • Choose  PlayStation Subscriptions.
  • Press on EA Access.
  • Turn off, Auto Renew. 

Once you have canceled the subscription there is no need to pay for the next pay cycle. You can go back to the settings whenever you like. 

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Final Words:

The fans of EA sports do not want to miss access to EA games. Getting access to your favorite games means that there is no need to pay additional bucks for the other favorites in the sports collection FIFA, MADDEN, Battlefield, or Dragon Age game. In the EA collection, you would be getting all the best collections at a minimal rate. The article aims at helping the users to unsubscribe the access. We are open to your suggestions and queries to make things clear. 

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