Top List Borderlands 1 characters In 2021

Borderlands is a popular first-person shooter game that is known for its unique characters. Each of these characters is known for its distinct skills, weapons, credits, and survival techniques. The strategies are used to escape from bandits, local alien wildlife. 

This article aims at introducing the popular characters of Borderlands. The article covers all the distinct features of these characters that would definitely be your first choice. As per the market reports within few months of its launch more than two million copies of the said were sold. 

The story starts with the vault that includes everything that helps to make life comfortable. The vault is on a distant planet called Pandora. 

A group has 4 team members that fail under different classes. The player has to fight against the enemies that exist in the form of wildlife, bandits, and aliens. At the same time, they have to ensure teamwork to stop from getting the vault first. 

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The article here includes a list of the popular characters in the game. 

  1. Roland the soldier is known for a skill called Scorpio Turret
  2. Mordecai is the Hunter and shows a skill called Bloodwing. 
  3. Lilith is a known Siren with the popular skill called Phasewalk
  4. Brick is the fourth player and popular for being Berserker. This character master in Berserk Mode

Which Is The Best Amongst All The Characters? 

Given below is a detailed review of each character so you may learn about these characters and choose the best one while playing the favorite game.

1.Roland, The Soldier: If you are looking for an all-around character then try playing with the soldier named Roland. He is known for a specialized ability called Scorpio Turret. With this skill, they can launch deadly attacks for their defense. If you are playing a single-player game then this is just the right choice. As Roland is a soldier therefore he is great at survival strategies, fighting, and using the articles of defense like the knife, rifle, sniper, and precision attacks. Roland was military personnel who worked with Atlas Group. He decided to leave his job after the executive of the group decided to kill him. He is in a relationship with Lilith and you will find him dating with the same during the game. Ronald has the skill of a healer that makes him just the right choice for the rest of the vault hunters. 

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2.Mordecai, The Hunter: He is the second right choice for the solo gameplay. He plays with different techniques and the most prominent among these is Bloodwing that permits him to attack and kill long-range targets. He uses rifles and guns. Mordecai is a friendly person and excellent. His skill is a bird but it is a real disaster for the enemy. He has been a skilled sharpshooter since his early years. He can be a great choice for teamplay too. 

3.Lilith, The Siren: This is the popular female character in the borderlands 1 character list. She has magical skills called Phasewalk. She can protect herself from an attack by going invisible. Besides this, she launches a versatile fighting style in the shape of elemental attacks. She is native to planet Dionysus and one of the six remaining Siren. When she along with Ronald defeated General Knoxx they decided to go to Elpis and helped Handsome Jack. When she comes to Pandora to find other sirens she has no idea of her potential in magical powers.

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4.The Brick The Berserker: He is known for being Berserker because of the unique Berserk Mode. This unique ability makes him potentially dangerous. It allows him to be deadly for the enemies. It is a great skill but makes him vulnerable to attacks. The skill improves his kamikaze character. He uses Rocket launchers, grenades, and all weaponry items. He and the crimson raiders were sent into exile due to their violent nature. He can absorb the attacks and is known as a Tank in the army. He came to Pandora to find his missing sister. 


After reading about the characters of Borderlands 1 you would be trying to find out which one is the best. All these have certain specialized skills. Each one is likely to impress you with distinct nature. 

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