4 Home Improvements to Knock Out This Year

As a homeowner, it’s easy to let another year pass you by and avoid certain home improvement tasks. The trouble with doing so is that Murphy’s Law means that things tend to go wrong together, and so they’ll mount up fast if you don’t get to them quickly. To avoid this happening, here are 4 home improvements to look at getting done this year. 

Clean the Drains

When the sinks seem to be perpetually blocked up and no amount of off-the-shelf household drain cleaner is rectifying the problem, it’s likely that the drain pipes have a blockage somewhere. While they may be still letting some water through, if it’s draining slowly, it’s a virtual certainty that there’s a blockage somewhere in the system. To address that, it’s best to get a drain cleaning expert in to help fix the issue. Look for drain cleaning Columbia MO or wherever you are based to find people who can get it done for you. 

Don’t leave your drainage issues unchecked. Likely, they’ll eventually get completely blocked up and then you’ll be dealing with overflowing water on the floors – and the cost of dealing with that problem will be greater.

Refresh the Backyard

The backyard is often neglected in the winter because it’s cold outside at that time. But now it’s well into spring, so it’s time to put a rake to the ground to clean up anything that’s blown in or kicked up. Look at any plants to see if they’ve suffered over the winter and need a little help too. Maybe some enriched soil from the compost bin could be beneficial for them (if you don’t have one, it’s a great time to start one up). Clear away any weeds, so you can see what you’re dealing with. 

Fix the Gutters

The gutters around the home funnel rainwater down from the roof to the drains below. If they haven’t been cleaned for half a year or longer, they’ve likely got debris including twigs and leaves inside. This could be causing an overflow of water onto the ground. In winter, that freezes and poses a slipping hazard; the rest of the time, it makes the ground wet. Standing water is never a good thing, so any broken gutter sections should be replaced. Clearing out the gutters isn’t too hard of a job and ensures unobstructed water flow in the future too. 

Paint the Walls

Whether it’s an interior wall that’s now looking a bit shabby or the exterior ones make you cringe, it’s a relatively easy fix and can be sorted out over a weekend. Be sure to cover any area that might get paint splashes – they travel a greater distance than you’d think. Also, for any painting that’ll be done at a height, take due care. Ladders can slip, so it’s a good idea to get someone to hold them for you when you’re ascending and descending too. 

While home improvements aren’t always the most fun to manage, they don’t get done on their own. That is unless you hire people to complete the work instead of doing it yourself!

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